Maize farm

IN Karshi, Nasarawa State

₦102,000.00 / per farm sold: 0 / 6000
Corn popularly known as Maize, is a staple food used for both human consumption and animal feed. The six major types of corn are popcorn, flour corn, sweet corn, dent corn, flint corn and pod corn.
If planted in 30-inch rows, a single seed of corn may produce a plant which yields more than 600 kernels of corn at harvest? On one acre of land, anywhere from 22,000 to 35,000 individual plants may be grown.
Depending on the farming process used and type of maize seeds (hybrid seeds or not) planted, you may be able to either generate about 10 tonnes of maize yield per hectare or about 2 tonnes of maize yield per hectare.
Maize is also one of the most common and important staple food across Africa. According to IITA, about 800 million tons of maize is produced worldwide every year. However, Africa produces only 6.5 percent of this volume which is still insufficient for local consumption.
Nigeria remains Africa’s largest producer with nearly 8 million tons produced per annum. Yet, over 4 million metric tons of maize is imported to Nigeria annually, costing the economy about N5.6bn in maize importation.
To help solve this problem and increase domestic production of maize, we have decided to impact 2,000 rural maize farmers in Karshi and Kokona, Nasarawa State to work on 6,000 Acres of Maize farms.
Join Us to empower these farmers together while making handsome rewards on your investment.

What your sponsorhip is used for

Renting the Maize farm land on your behalf
Purchasing farm inputs including hybrid seeds, fertilizer and farming tools
Insurance provided by Leadway Assurance to cover the expected yield of your farm investment
Payment of workers farmers labour for working on the farm
Packaging and Marketing and Sales of the produce upon maturity
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  • Karshi, Nasarawa State.
  • Aug. 31, 2018.
  • 8 months.
  • 12.00%.
  • Field Corn & Quality Protein Maize (QPM)
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