Frequently Asked Questions

What is farmer in suit?

FarmerInSuit is an online agribusiness investment platform that provides individuals and other professionals who have passion for farming, the opportunity to become farmers and make guaranteed profit return on their farm investments by sponsoring rural farmers.

The central value proposition of the platform is to solve the problems that ‘absentee farmers’ face. This means that one can keep a regular job and still be a farmer, building livelihoods, help in solving food security problems while making a good return on investment.

How does farmer in suit work?

First you get online and register on the farmer in Suit website. Usually farmer in suit platform advertises farms and agricultural investment opportunities for sponsorship.

Registered members can select a particular farm to sponsor. Sponsorship is complete as soon as payment to farmer in suit is confirmed. Amount is invested and return on investment is shared between farmer in suit, farm sponsor and the local farmers engaged to cultivate products.

How Do I invest in FarmerInSuit projects?

There are only a few steps to investing on farmer in suit. The FarmerInSuit platform has an integrated e-payment system that allows you to pay directly from your bank account or your e-wallet. However, first a potential investor needs to register his/her profile on the FarmerInSuit website then find a farm he/she is willing to invest in and finally follow the online payment system to invest.

How do I get my investment back?

FarmerInSuit online Payment system allows each investor the use of their e-wallet from where they can make withdrawals

What payment options are available on the FarmerInSuit platform?

An Investor can make direct online payment into the FarmerInSuit account through ‘PayStack’, by direct debit (bank transfer) or cash deposit to account.

What will be the rate of return on my investment?

FarmerInSuit will ensure an investor gets the best return on investment during every farming cycle. Depending on the investment cycle, FarmerInSuit targets a return on investment that could be up-to 25% per farming cycle.

How is profit on investments shared?

The profit made from each investment is shared among the 3 parties –investor, smallholder farmer and FarmerInSuit - in the proportion of 40%, 40% and 20% respectively

How long does it take for my investment to mature?

It depends on the particular farm/product that a sponsor invests in. Some farms have much longer gestation and harvest period than other products. For instance most grains are seasonal products that can be harvested and sold within a period of 6 months but investment in poultry could mature within 3 months.

How safe is my investment in FarmerInSuit?

First the farmer in suit platform is a safe and secured web application with high level of online security. In terms of investments, farmer in suit ensure every investment is professionally managed from start to finish using only the highest grade of certified agricultural inputs. Farmer in suit also insures all farms from unforeseen risks.

Can I visit or see my farmers as a farmer would?

Yes, every investor is allowed to personally visit farms in which he/she has invested. However, FarmerInSuit provides a virtual online farm for each farmer in suit to monitor from time to time at his or her own time from the comfort of his or her rooms.