{"body": "Being an experienced expert with over 6 years in the use and development of application software, Abdulhakeem A. Mustapha has been part of several teams developing different software solutions accross different niche. Being a passionate technopreneur and programmer, he has worked alone as a freelancer as well as with others as a teams on a handful of projects touching areas in e-commerce, e-learning and e-reporting.\n Having been a Community manager at GDG BUK, he was able to teach and make impact by teaching students how to develop softwares for different platforms. He also works with Digital Development Hub as a volunteer and engages in organizing training and hackathons where tech-enthusiasts meet and share Ideas.", "image": "/static/images/team/abdul.jpg", "role": "Software Engineer", "name": "Abdulhakeem A. Mustapha"}