{"body": "Craig Watters, PhD is the Norman C. Stevenson Chair in School of Entrepreneurship at\n Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University, USA. Craig is an accomplished\n scholar, educator, entrepreneur, manager, and economic developer. He has worked with\n faculty across an array of disciplines on curriculum development and outreach programs\n related to creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Craig helped conceptualize and launch\n the highly successful South Side Entrepreneurial Connect Project, which has contributed to\n the transformation of an economically-challenged inner city community. He has served as\n assistant dean for advancement in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse, and director\n of its economic stimulus center, the I-Launch Pad. His research and community work led to\n his nomination for an economic development award from Senator Hillary Clinton in 2003\n and travel to Ireland as part of Clinton's trade mission in 2002.", "image": "/static/images/team/craig.jpg", "role": "Advisor", "name": "Craig Watters, PhD", "extra": "A former manager at General Electric and the Syracuse Research Corporation, Craig has\n extensive experience in project management and contracts administration. In addition to his\n corporate experience, Craig has launched two successful ventures. His recent publications\n include "Inner City Engagement and the University: Interaction, Emergence &\n Transformation," Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, (2011). Craig holds\n Bachelor\u2019s, Masters of Science and Ph.D. degrees from Syracuse University. His dissertation\n examined the impact of infrastructure on economic development in rural areas."}