{"body": "Usman Ali Lawan is our Chief Farmer In Suit(CFIS). He is passionate about\n improving the productivity of rural farmers & managing food security\n challenges in Nigeria & Africa. An advocate of Zero Waste Agriculture,\n Lawan focuses on improving agricultural production using agribusiness\n innovation systems and sustainable farming techniques. He helps to train\n & mentor rural farmers and young graduates in the areas of sustainable\n agribusiness and has empowered over 2000 young Men and Women since\n 2015.", "image": "/static/images/team/usman.jpg", "role": "Chief Farmer in Suit (CFIS)", "name": "Usman Ali Lawan", "extra": "Lawan is a PhD candidate at the Nasarawa State University with research interest in\n \u2018Agricultural Innovation Systems, Entrepreneurship and Rural Development\u2019. He is also a\n Mandela Washington Fellow of the Young African Leaders Initiative and a Tony Elumelu\n Entrepreneur. Lawan earned a Masters and BSC in Energy Studies and Business\n Administration from the University of Dundee and Ahmadu Bello University respectively."}